Storm of Chaos: Aftemath

Chaos at Middenheim

The Brink of Ruin
The great invasion of the Empire by Archaon the Everchosen, Lord of the End Times is over. At great cost the allies of the Conclave of Light have beaten back the hordes of evil. And what a cost! Town, city and country lays in ruins. More...

The Project
This group has been formed with the aim of taking forward the Mordheim game by Games Workshop. Our aims are to bring the game up to date and to make it available to a larger number of players. Our main approach to this is to bring the game into the present day of the Warhammer World by creating an alternate setting based in the aftermath of the Storm of Chaos campaign. It is also hoped to provide an easy transition between the Warhammer Fantasy Battle and the Mordheim games.

We do not intend to make wholesale changes to the Mordheim rules. That is the job of the Mordheim Rules Committee which is arranged and run by the Specialist Games section of the Games Workshop Studio (aka Fanatic).

This project does not have the official backing of Games Workshop although it is our aim to get at least some of the ideas adopted.

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