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Going Underground - Tunnel Fighting

Those of you who have played Warhammer Quest will remember the fun of exploring dungeons and encountering all manner of evil creatures in the depths. You can also play Storm of Chaos Aftermath games in dungeons using the following rules. These rules are applicable to any underground or interior location including the Uricsberg tunnels, city sewers, catacombs or even the interior of a great castle.

Fighting in Tunnels
For the most part fighting skirmishes in the confines of tunnels follow the normal rules for fighting in city streets. There are however a few additional restrictions on movement:

Underground Terrain
There are several ways of simulating tunnels and catacombs in which to fight. The simplest is a tile system similar to that used by Warhammer Quest. If you have access to that game you can lay out a dungeon by taking turns to place a tile which links onto a previous one. If you don't have the Quest tiles then they can be simply reproduced.

For a regular dungeon player (and it can become addictive) then it is worth constructing a set of 'Foot Tiles'. Each player builds 8 tiles 1 ft square (hence the name) which can be laid out to fill a 4' x 4' table in a variety of ways. The tiles are made to standard dimensions and are hence compatible whoever builds them. The simplest can be painted onto a flat piece of card or board such as cork floor tiles. Keener modellers can go to town with fully modelled 3D scenic modules and as much detail as they care to add.

Further instructions for making underground terrain can be found in the terrain section.

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