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Quest Tiles

A set of Warhammer Quest style tiles can be simply made by cutting rectangles of heavy card or foam board. A plain grey or black surface is sufficient but extra detail can be added in the form of flagstones (squares of thin card) or dirt (filler or texture paint). Kerbs or low walls can be added to the edges to represent the impassable walls but that starts to limit where you can connect to adjacent sections.

You can download Warhammer Quest tiles from the Khemri - Land of the Dead website.

The original set contained a fixed number of corridors and rooms but there is nothing to stop you adding more or varying the sizes. Consider this list as a minimum for a decent sized dungeon.

Qty. Tile Type Size
4 Large Room 150mm x 300mm
10 Hall (Corridor) 60mm x 300mm
3 T Junction 150mm x 150mm x 60mm
6 Small Room 100mm x 150mm
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